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Development Centre | 7 - 9 years

Pre Academy
Advanced Pre-Academy
Technical Academy

Development Centre

Ages 4 - 7 | 1 Centre1

The Pre-Academy is there to support and to create a football pathway for younger players, with a future goal of progressing into the Rondos Technical Academy.

Outline of the Pre-Academy Structure

Ball Manipulation

First Touch & Touch Direction

Movement Patterns | Change of Direction

Stop Starts

Communication & Problem Solving

Group Play | Opposed & Un-opposed Practices 

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Parent Quote

The Pre-Academy is ideal for Players aged between 4 - 7, who are looking to develop their football skills and understanding with an ambition to progress into the Technical Academy or to play for a local club.

More Information

The Rondos 'Pre-Academy' is an exciting and very important part of the Rondos structure.

Our main focus is to develop their confidence within the football environment, along side learning various ball skills and gaining basic game understanding.

Budding footballers as young as 4 years old are encouraged to come along on a Saturday morning to have fun and develop their ball skills, whilst slightly older keen footballers (up to 7 years old) are encouraged to come along to work on individual ball skills and to develop their confidence while they wait for a place at a local club or look to progress into the Technical Academy.

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