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Technical Academy | 7 - 15 years


The Technical Academy focuses on the development of players from the ages of 7 up to 15.  The main focus of The Rondos Academy is on improving the technical ability of players, working on; individual Ball Mastery skills incorporating ball manipulation, touch direction, touch speed and passing & receiving.  We then link the individual skills to Rondos possession practices that develop the players game understanding and decision making using overload and underload situations that link to the game.

Technical Academy Structure

Group Play | Opposed & Un-opposed Practices 

Touch Direction

Movement Patterns | Change of Direction

Ball Mastery & Ball Manipulation

Position Specific Coaching

Various Ball Striking Techniques

Parent Quote

The Technical Academy has always provided Ollie with not only outstanding technical coaching, but the game effective use of the skills in isolation and decision making linked to the game.

...Structure Continued

Appreciation of how to be effective in an under load & overloads situation.

Players will be constantly challenged to perform in game situations.

Players will be challenged on speed of thought ie; intellectual decision making.

Players will be expected to perform under pressure.

Players will be given opportunities to showcase to professional & semi-professional clubs.

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...Structure Continued
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